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We Have Your Amazon Private Label FBA Needs Covered

Blue30 was built for Amazon! Blue30 was founded by Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers. With over 5 years of selling experience on the platform, We have a clear understanding of Amazon requirements wheather its FBA inbound requirements or FBM dispatch requirements. We also know all to well what can happen if these requirements are not followed.

Experience seamless FBM fulfilment – our systems seamlessly sync with Amazon, providing instant updates on your orders. This efficiency allows us to promptly handle packing and dispatching, ensuring Amazon KPIs are met.

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Amazon Private Label FBA

If your selling products directly to Amazon we can handle you vendor central shipments.

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Amazon Private Label FBA

We have FBA Prep down to a T. We have been one of the UK's leading FBA Prep centres for a number of years and we have meticulous and efficient processes in place to handle all elements of FBA Prep.

Amazon Private Label FBA

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Amazon Private Label FBA 

The Full Package

When it comes to Amazon private label FBA we have a whole range of services to offer as we understand the complex requirements of a Amazon private label FBA business model. With our enhanced knowledge and our specialisation within the Amazon industry we have a lot to offer when it comes to assisting with your business growth. But most of all we run a fully managed service meaning that we take care of creating all of the shipments and logistics involved in getting your goods into Amazon fulfilment centres.

Amazon Private Label FBA
Amazon Private Label FBA

Warehouse Management

With our own in house WMS (warehouse management system) that has been designed with the needs of an Amazon private label FBA business in mind. As there is normally a high level of stock moving through our facility on its way to Amazon fulfilment centres and it is key to ensure that high volume fast moving stock is tracked throughout our Amazon prep centre UK and our WMS allows for this in live time.

Full Scanned Service

We run on the latest technology with a fully scanned service with QR code tracking. This ensures that your items are always locatable withing our prep centre. It also enables a greater degree of quality control as items are scanned into boxes as part of all shipment for Amazon FBA. 

Amazon Private Label FBA
Amazon Private Label FBA

Online Client Portal

With a client portal specially designed to assist with your Amazon wholesale business such as pallet and truck booking with live receipt notifications when your pallets arrive at our Amazon prep centre UK

Vigorous Check-in

The proof is in the check-in. For us this is the most important part of the whole process this is where we meet your items for the first time from your supplier. Upon receipt we will check that the supplier has sent the correct items and quantity to that of your order. If there are any issues you will receive instant updates regarding your items with photos of any issues.

Amazon Private Label FBA

Great shipping Network

Amazon Private Label FBA
Amazon Private Label FBA

Located in Essex we are only a 20 minutes drive away from one of the main UPS London hubs. Which plays a key role as a Amazon preferred partner carrier. With our own dedicated daily collection with trucks coming straight from the hub and to our prep centre and back keeping the travel time down in getting your goods into Amazon FCs for a speedy check in time.

We are also focused on cost effective shipping where you can enrol in our alternative courier program and make use of a number of courier account that offer reduced shipping rates.


When it comes to Amazon wholesale pallet shipping we have a great pallet network that delivers fast and reliable shipping into Amazon fulfilment centres.

Cost Effective Shipping

With a clear focus on cost effective shipping each items that enters our prep centre is weighed. This means that shipments can be scheduled around weight and the maximisation of shipping weights and charges.

Amazon Private Label FBA

Excellent Communication

Communication is key! Thats why we have a designated office team available 6 days a week ready to respond with near instant messaging.

​All of our clients have their own private channel with our inbound, outbound, admin and accounts teams within.

 We are also contactable via email and over the phone

Amazon Private Label FBA

Discover how we can help you today

We have even more to offer

We offer much more than just FBA Prep

We understand that no to brands are the same and this is why we offer a number of services to help support your business growth. These services are unique to Amazon and are what set us apart from your standard fulfilment service. 

Amazon FBA Prep

Item level reworks

Amazon Private Label FBA

Amazon removal managment 

Amazon carton and pallet booking (BOL)

Amazon shipment creation

Amazon LTL shipping 

Direct to Amazon FTL shipping under our own Amazon ISA code

Carton forwarding and reworks

Amazon drip feed options

Top tier Amazon Prep Centre UK. Why settle for less. 


1 Million+ Units Shipped

Amazon Private Label FBA Quote

Amazon Prep Centre UK

Enjoy more than FBA prep and shipping.

Contact us , get a quote or book your free, no obligation consultation with one of our fulfilment experts. Where we will discuss your business needs, as well as how we can help and support your ecommerce success.

Amazon Private Label FBA
Amazon Private Label FBA

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Amazon Private Label FBA
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